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The Golden West

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The Golden West

It’s a new day, in the” good life”
“Every day that I wake up”And all that…
I’m an old beast, in the deep swamp
Still learning to bend with the reeds
When the wind blows, my blood flows
Still dark as I wait for the wake up…

In the Golden West the Grail and Quest.
Nirvana, satori, the mystical story
Trust me I’m lying…
Three piece denial, kangaroo trial
The heartfelt vapid celebrity smile
Trust me I’m lying…
Watch what you do, watch what you say
We pretend to work and they pretend to pay
Trust me I’m lying…

On a cold beach, a dark wing
Fans out as he reaches for something
I’m a slow shark, in a mean sea
Still pushing the myth through the dead words
My tin ears, hear your old fears
Lean closer and shout our sweet nothings

In the golden west, the Grail and the Questt
Everything’s “free” and everything’s “best
Trust me I’m lying…
Seven year itch, the bait and the switch
Painted up pretty and burned like a witch
Trust me I’m lying…
Nirvana, Satori, the myth of the glory
The crooked toothed grin of the man with the story
Trust me I’m lying...